1. What are the types of the boudoir sessions available?


Boudoir sessions are mainly of two types:


a. Marathon/Mini Sessions.

b. Custom/Full Sessions. 

Marathon/Mini Sessions have 5 different package options. Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond & VIP. They do not include hair, makeup or outfits. Clients show up hair and make up ready with their own outfits for the session.


Custom/Full Sessions are not based on pre defined packages. They're made tailored to each clients needs and requirements starting at $ 1499.00. They include complimentary hair, makeup, outfits, spa voucher, massage voucher, lunch voucher as well as same day reveals and ordering appointment.

2. At what location does the shoots take place or what are my location options?

Marathon/Mini Sessions are usually done at one of our partner hotels, partner airbnbs or partner studios, depending on availability. Custom/Full Session clients has to be given priority and will be given priority for studio availability. All locations will have 24x7 cameras and security on duty.


Custom/Full Sessions are usually done at one of our luxury studios, luxury hotels or luxury airbnbs, depending on availability. The client can request the session to be done at the home or private residence or an outdoor location of choice for an extra fees depending on availability. Such an option is the best if you're a bride and is booking multiple sessions for your bridesmaids or if you simply want to throw your girlfriends an amazing once in a lifetime experience as a gift or if you would simply like to have a one off luxury boudoir experience where you are the only client for the day. All locations we choose will have 24x7 cameras and security on duty. If the client chooses a location of their choice, they it'll be their responsibility.

3. I'd love to book with you. But I'm in another state. How do I book?

We shoot for our clients all over the 48 states in United States (and sometimes even in Canada). Just click the book now tab and we'll help you figure it all out and get scheduled.

4. Do I need to get my hair and makeup done?

Marathon/Mini Sessions: Yes! Professional hair and makeup is recommended. But if you're fairly confident with your own hair and make up skills, then that will work as well. Be sure to do your hair and makeup before you arrive. Recommended to go for full makeup or at least at about 80% makeup depending on the look you're going for.

Custom/Full Sessions: No. Hair and makeup will be included in your package. Please take a shower on the morning of the shoot and show up with just your basic moisturizer. Our hair and makeup pro will take care of the rest.

5. Will you edit my photos?

Marathon/Mini Sessions: Yes. All marathon/mini sessions packages include basic editing. If additional glamour editing is required, then there will be an additional glamour editing fees of $ 90.00 per image.


Custom/Full Sessions: Yes. All custom/full sessions packages include basic plus glamour editing. But at the end of the day, we still want the pictures to look like you though. Large tattoos and  significant scars will not be removed.


6. I have cellulite/stretch marks/acne. Can you get rid of that?

In most cases, yes. Removal of acne, acne scarring, stretch marks, and cellulite is part of the basic editing included in the packages. However, if extensive editing of those are needed then you can pick and choose the pictures which needs that extensive editing and pay the glamour editing fees of $ 90.00 per image. What we don’t do is put your face on someone else’s body or take off 30lbs. If there is something you feel self-conscious about, we can use poses and lighting to emphasize your best features instead.

7. I’m older than or not as thin as the girls on your website, can I still book a session?

Of course! we feel bad that people even ask this question! We have shot with many women well over 50 and well into the plus sizes. Not everyone is comfortable with their photos being in our online portfolio so we can’t show a lot of examples. What we can promise is that we will create images to flatter YOU and best show your personality. We believe every woman is beautiful and it’s our job to show you just how gorgeous you are.

8. Will there be anyone else present besides the photographer at my session?

Nope. It will be just you and your photographer. Sometimes if the location is challenging or needs special lighting an assistant or an intern might also be there. In such cases you'll be notified about that in advance to make sure that you're okay with it. But in 90% of the shoots it would be just you and your photographer. We want you to be completely comfortable and confident. Your comfort is of our top priority.


9. Can I bring someone else along with me to the session?

Marathon/Mini Sessions: Absolutely no visitors are allowed inside the shooting location for marathon/mini sessions as they are extremely fast natured and there's no need or time or role for another person other than the client themselves. All locations will have 24x7 cameras and security on campus for the safety and peace of mind for our clients as well as our hardworking staff. 


Custom/Full Sessions: Generally we prefer to work one on one with our clients, simply because sometimes an ‘audience’ can make you feel more self conscious. If you must bring someone for moral support, we limit it to one person. It is recommended that it be your female best friend as they tend to work the best for support and encouragement. But they cannot stay inside the room once the actual shoot starts, nor interfere or disrupt the shoot in any manner. Of course, they can always fix your hair or makeup in between breaks, outfit changes and be your wing girl if it's a custom/full session.


Lastly, regardless of whether it is a marathon/mini session or a custom/full session, please do not bring your dad, mom, sibling or your romantic partner, as that can quickly become super awkward super quickly and ruin the boudoir experience for you. We have countless examples of such shoots gone south quickly. If you bring someone like that, then it'll be completely on you.


Remember, we can only try to provide you a top notch boudoir experience. How you prepare, read emails and follow instructions, will have a massive impact on how your final pictures will turn out to be.

10. How revealing do I have to be?

That is your choice! Everyone's comfort level is different. You can choose from the various levels of boudoir photography you want, ranging anywhere from:


a. Conservative Art (nothing nude).

b. Implied Nudity Art (suggested nudity, nothing visibly nude)

c. Tastefully Exposed Art (topless).

d. Fine Art (birth suit/full nude).

e. Erotic Art (intended to arouse you or your partner).

f. Max Erotic Art (oww.. it's too hot).

Ideally we recommend to mix it all up a little bit to create a nice variety of pictures. It's totally up to the customer to choose how daring you want to go or not. Generally, most customers choose to go tastefully exposed (topless) or fine art (full nude). The point is, you do not want to leave your boudoir shoot feeling that you didn't challenge yourself or that you could've gone a little more sexier. You get the idea right.

11. I'm not sure what lingerie or outfits to bring for my session. Do you help with outfit ideas?

We suggest bringing a variation of the following combinations. One piece sets such as, bodysuit, teddy, fitted slip dress or shape wear. Two piece sets such as bra/undies, high-wasted skirt/bra, garter belt set/bra/stockings. Cover up wrap/shawl/cardigan/off shoulder shirt/bed sheets. Please make sure to bring a few extra outfits than what's listed on your package so that we can suggest some combinations depending on the day and the location if needed. Body specific outfit ideas are mentioned towards the next section and it should answer all your questions and give you plenty of ideas.

12. I don't want my photos to be seen by anyone online, will you put them on your website?

No. Our clientele includes all types of women from all parts of the society. There are wives, moms, housewives, secretaries, admin assistants, nurses, doctors, paralegals, lawyers, cashiers, teachers, waitresses, supervisors, managers, customer service reps, sales women, maids, nannies, baby sitters, receptionists, clerks, accountants, auditors, cooks, bartenders, models and celebrities. Your privacy is our main concern. The only times clients are featured on our website are when they let us know that they'd like to be featured in our website and social media. 

13. Are you LGBTQ friendly?

Yes we are LGBTQ friendly. Our team consists of people from all walks of lives including different religions, cultures, races, ages, faiths, sexual orientation and identities. We do not discriminate our clients or staff on the basis of any of these. We believe that everyone is beautiful as they are and should have the boudoir experience at least once in a lifetime.

14. How do I book a session?

Marathon/Mini Sessions: Click Book Now and book your session from the various available packages of Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond and VIP.

Custom/Full Sessions: Click Request A Custom Quote and fill out our booking enquiry form to submit your request. We'll get back in touch with you to get to know you better and your vision for the boudoir experience. And then we'll help build a custom package which matches your requirements. Once you finalize and confirm the package, we'll walk you through the process, finalize dates, locations and help get you scheduled and finalize your booking accordingly.


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